WideGap technology for fruit purée pasteurizing

In this real-world case, we describe how a French producer of fruit purées and juices called on us to upgrade its pasteurization equipment. After considering several options, the company chose a HL8-WG heat exchanger, and are now enjoying trouble-free production while also reaping the additional benefits of higher hygiene and lower running costs.

DATE 2024-03-19
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Headquartered in southeast France, this customer – a fruit purée and juice producer – makes 4,500 kg of fruit purée per hour. Its range includes pineapple puree, which is a particularly challenging application due to its long fibres and large particles. Here, we describe how our local French team and distribution partner, Rheosys, helped the company update their production, with minimal alterations to their current setup.

Satisfied customer seeks upgrade

Back in 2021, a French customer contacted our partner in the region to explain that their old Alfa Laval heat exchanger plates were reaching the end of their service life and needed replacing. As a long-standing Alfa Laval customer, they trusted us to provide them with the upgrade they needed.

Weighing up the options

Several options were discussed before the customer settled on a solution. The first was to use an Alfa Laval FrontLine. However, using standard plates, due to the fiber and particle content of the purée, it seemed risky. The second idea was to replace the customer’s old plate heat exchanger with a large tubular heat exchanger, but this was ruled out on the grounds of size and price. In addition, the customer was keen to continue using plate heat exchanger technology since they were so familiar with it. The Alfa Laval team then proposed a third option, the HL8-WG heat exchanger, which was then a new innovation in the world of hygienic production.

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Decision to try HL8-WG

After discussing the details with a sales engineer from Alfa Laval and Rheosys, the customer decided to test the HL8-WG. Their old equipment was switched out in October 2021, and after some minor adjustments to the CIP recipe, the new HL8-WG rapidly began to demonstrate its worth.

Multiple benefits

Thanks to its novel plate design, the WideGap heat exchanger plates could easily handle large particles and long fibres. In terms of size, the HL8-WG had a one third smaller footprint than the tubular heat exchanger they considered using and a smaller price tag. What’s more, sticking to plate heat exchanger technology meant the customer did not need to buy new pumps, and therefore also saved money.

Three years and counting

This customer has now enjoyed almost three years of hassle-free purée pasteurization and is more than satisfied with the performance of their HL8-WG. They also appreciate the dedicated support from Alfa Laval and Rheosys. A representative told us: “The team has been with us every step of the way from selection to installation, and they continue to monitor the performance of our equipment to ensure we get the best results. This feels like a true partnership.”

It’s good news for Alfa Laval’s other customers too. As Nicolas Gaulard, business unit manager, Alfa Laval France & NWA says; “This case really confirms the effectiveness of our WideGap heat exchanger technology for pasteurizing fruit purées, creating confidence among others who may be considering an upgrade.”