How to speed up the brewery process by using innovative technology

Beer brewing has altered little since our ancestors discovered that barley, yeast and water could be transformed into a potent beverage, and fermentation remains a crucial stage in created the perfect brew. But Alfa Laval’s rotary jet mixer system, with its Iso-mix technology, is proving to be something of a revolution in this ancient process.

DATE 2023-11-28

Beer making requires a number of crucial steps, including the fermentation step where yeast is added to fermentation tanks to transform the sugars into alcohol. This can be a time-consuming process, but Alfa Laval’s Iso-mix technology reduces the time dramatically; depending on the type of beer being brewed, it can cut down the fermentation time by 1-2 days. 

At Carlsberg brewery’s Northampton, UK plant, Alfa Laval technology has contributed to greater throughput and helped the plant meet higher production targets, setting new standards for how beer is made. Alfa Laval offers a number of effective solutions to help breweries improve their productivity and cut down on waste, saving time, money and impact on the environment. 

Alfa Laval’s solutions will help breweries achieve increasingly challenging environmental and financial targets.” JUAN JURADO, FILTRATION & SEPARATION SPECIALIST AT ALFA LAVAL

Iso-mix stirs things up

  • Alfa Laval’s Iso-mix controls the yeast sedimentation at the bottom of fermentation tanks by redistributing the yeast
  • A recirculation loop is established with suction from the bottom and re-injection through the rotary jet mixer
  • When the rotary jet mixer is in operation the contents of the tank are gently mixed
  • The concentration of yeast is kept uniform throughout the tank and temperature gradients are avoided.

Iso-mix has enabled us to introduce a novel down-stream process that, in some cases, has halved our fermenting time.” 

FACTS - Carlsberg Group

  • 45,000 people worldwide
  • Products sold in more than 150 markets
  • About 37 billion bottles of beer sold in 2014
  • Produces Baltika, Carlsberg, Tuborg and other brands