Get more value out of your brewery cold block design

Are you considering to upgrade your existing cold block or designing a new one for your brewery? Now’s the time to add more value to your brewery operations – tangible value measured through less oxygen pickup, reduced macro extract loss, greater energy and water savings, reduced waste disposal and more.

DATE 2023-11-28

Cold block trends: valve clusters, automation and engineered systems 

To get the most value out of the cold block, increasingly more breweries, including craft, are investing in valve clusters, automation and completely engineered systems. Why is it so? These investments translate into greater control over production processes and food safety as well as huge improvements to quality, yield and brewery sustainability profiles due to drastic reductions in energy consumption, water usage and waste. 


Most common options for new or enhanced cold block design 

Selecting the right solution for a new cold block or cold block expansion isn’t easy. Among the most common are: 


  • A hose-routing solution to the semi-automatic solution with valve clusters and swing bend panels 
  • Upgrading from a cellar swing bend panel design to a fully automated cellar with valve clusters 
  • Introducing radical changes such as transitioning from a hose routing solution to a fully automatic cellar 


What’s most important is to take into consideration the brewery’s needs, budget and ambition – and ensure that the cold block solution lives up to these requirements. Alfa Laval can help select and/or customize the right cold block solution to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of your beer.  


Add more value to your brewery operations through valve clusters, automation, engineered cold block systems and a bit of ingenuity and know-how from Alfa Laval.  


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