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Alfa Laval in MOSS consortium to build the first molten hydroxide salt energy storage plant in the world

Alfa Laval is pleased to be part of the consortium Molten Salt Storage (MOSS), funded by the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), which recently inaugurated the completion of the world's first thermal energy storage system using molten hydroxide salts. The project aims at bringing Hyme Energy’s novel thermal storage technology to life through a strong collaboration with industrial and academic partners: Alfa Laval, KIRT X THOMSEN, SULZER, Seaborg, Aalborg University, Energy Cluster Denmark, Hyme Energy, and DIN Forsyning.

Alfa Laval is a world leader in the innovative heat exchanger technologies that will be vital to enable commercially viable long-duration energy storage, fundamental for the decarbonization of Industrial heat. As a significant contributor to the MOSS project, Alfa Laval will deliver the Header & Coil steam generator that is a critical component in the process and the key for producing steam from the system.

According to the COP28 commitment, the world must double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency and triple the rate of renewable energy by 2030. That is why energy storage is pivotal when driving the shift towards renewable energy sources and an important pathway to decarbonization and a more sustainable future,” says Thomas Møller, President Energy Division, Alfa Laval.
We are excited that our pioneering and highly efficient Header & Coil heat exchanger technology will contribute to the MOSS project and being part of building the first molten hydroxide salt energy storage plant in the world,” says Alasdair MacIver, Head of Energy Storage Solutions at Alfa Laval.

The MOSS production facility was inaugurated at Semco Maritime in Esbjerg, Denmark with the consortium partners, and a number Danish dignitaries from the political and industrial sectors, on the 24th of April this year. It is planned to house the technology capable of storing renewable energy for sunless or windless days – a crucial starting point for a future climate-friendly and fully balanced energy system.  As the consortium pilot plant, it will be able to test and prove the scalability of the system and the technological development of the solution.


What the future will bring

In the long term, Hyme Energy’s thermal energy storage technology will play a significant role in the energy transition by enabling industry and utility companies to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy for heat and steam production. The plan is to commercialize the full-scale solution in 2026. A commercial facility will be able to store renewable energy in up to 600 degrees molten hydroxide salt on a GWh-scale.

"Innovation and green solutions are part of the DNA of Danish business. Developing and pioneering new paths benefit both the bottom line and our climate. Therefore, I am pleased that a new energy storage solution is now being introduced here in Esbjerg, which will be crucial for a successful transition of our energy system," says Søren Gade, Speaker of the Danish Parliament and Chairman of Port Esbjerg.

Heat consumption accounts for half of the global energy consumption and represents 40% of global CO2 emissions. High-temperature steam is used in electricity production and in a wide range of industrial processes to produce many of our daily goods (food, chemicals, materials, etc.). The MOSS facility is a step closer to decarbonizing these processes.


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MOSS consortium project inaguration





Storing intermittent renewable energy for later use will be crucial to unlock the energy transition. Many different energy storing technologies will come into play, and Alfa Laval is ready to support all of them. Want to know more about Alfa Laval’s offerings in energy storage?

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