2022-04-08 Product news

Lithion Recycling receives $22.5M funding from the Quebec government for a new plant

Infusion of capital is expected to help building and commissioning Lithion’s first commercial battery dismantling and reprocessing plant in Quebec in 2023.

This article is related to Canada’s energy and chemicals sectors. Alfa Laval’s heat transfer units and wastewater separators are used to reduce water and carbon footprints for heavy process operations across Canada.

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“… Lithion Recycling has received $22.5 million in funding from the Quebec government, including a 15 million equity investment in the company’s capital stock through Investissement Québec and $7.5 million in grants from the Fonds d’électrification et de changements climatiques…

…Lithion has developed a cost-effective process to recover 95% of strategic materials from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries and production wastes. According to the company, this technology accelerates the transition to green energy and helps meet decarbonization targets by reducing the need for natural resource extraction...”


Click here to learn more about Alfa Laval’s equipment for energy reuse and emissions reduction in heavy process operations.






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