2022-08-02 Product news

$1.5B EV battery materials plant to create ‘hundreds’ of jobs in Ontario

A $1.5-billion industrial electric vehicle materials plant, the first of its kind in North America, is coming to Loyalist Township, creating a minimum of 700 permanent jobs.

This article is related to Canada’s automotive sector. Alfa Laval’s heat transfer units and wastewater separators are used to reduce water and carbon footprints for manufacturers and heavy process operations across Canada.


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“…The new, near-carbon-neutral plant will be owned by Umicore N.V., a circular materials technology company based in Belgium. It plans to manufacture cathode active materials and precursor cathode active materials at its new facility located in Millhaven, near County Road 4 and Bath Road. These components are essential to produce electric vehicle batteries.


Mathias Miedreich, CEO of Umicore, said Wednesday morning that the company wants to completely decarbonize the electric vehicle, and he is excited and honoured to announce its plans...


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