2022-05-05 Product news

Québec funds efficient greenhouse heating research

Announcement of $500,000 made for research on the efficient use of electricity for heating and lighting in greenhouses.

This article is related to Canada’s agricultural industries. Alfa Laval's Energy Efficiency, Heat Transfer, Separation and Hygienic Fluid Handling products are used in ‘Agroprocessing’ plants  across Canada.

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“…The completion of this research project, whose total cost is estimated at $1,145,370, is part of the Government of Quebec’s 2020-2025 Greenhouse Growth Strategy, whose goal is to double greenhouse area by 2025…

…The objectives are to better understand electrical loads, maximize microclimates of plants, and develop strategies for the use of artificial lighting and heating that are most conducive to plant growth and disease prevention…

…Project title: “How to maximize the productivity, crop quality and competitiveness of Quebec’s greenhouses by optimizing the management and use of electrical energy for heating and artificial lighting? This will be achieved through measurement, modelling, greenhouse testing, microclimates and development of strategies.”

For Quebec, the Partnership’s budget envelope for strategic cost-shared initiatives amounts to $293 million for the duration of the Partnership (2018-2023): 60% of this funding comes from the Government of Canada and 40% from the Government of Quebec...”

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