Vale Canada to supply low-carbon nickel for EV market

Company struck agreement to supply Swedish lithium-ion battery manufacturer Northvolt AB with low-carbon nickel from its Long Harbour refinery in Newfoundland.

This article is related to Canada’s energy and chemicals sectors. Alfa Laval’s heat transfer units and wastewater separators are used to reduce water and carbon footprints for heavy process operations across Canada.

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“…The agreement comes as electric vehicle manufacturers look to not only secure nickel amidst supply constraints – but in alignment with EVs being part of the switch away from fossil fuels, to secure metal produced at a reduced carbon intensity.

The deal fits with Northvolt’s plans reduce carbon emissions associated with batteries by up to 90%, mainly through leveraging clean energy in production and recycling...”

Click here to learn more about Alfa Laval’s equipment for energy reuse and emissions reduction in heavy process operations.

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