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Saskatchewan water treatment plant first in Canada to use progressive design-build format

A planned major upgrade marks the first time in Canada that a progressive design-build format will be used in the construction of such a facility

This article is related to Alfa Laval wastewater equipment. Alfa Laval's Separation and Heat Transfer are used by municipalities and cities across Canada.

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“….progressive design-build is more of an integrative process where management sits down with the engineer and contractor to plan the project…

…The $222-million price tag for the renewal project is being funded jointly by all three levels of government…

…The plans call for new offices, a brand new ozonation process, new low lift pumps, a repurposing of the regeneration facility to a new chemical storage facility, clarifiers converted to dissolved air flotation, conversion of the granular activated carbon conduction to a biological process and some new processed waste lagoons with rehabilitation of existing lagoons…”

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