2019-08-12 by Steven Scutaru

PEI fish plant to promote Canada’s sustainable tuna fishery

Canada headed to having the most regulated and sustainable tuna fishery in the world.

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“…NORTH LAKE, PEI — A tuna buyer in Prince Edward Island has opened Canada’s first federally licensed plant to process bluefin tuna for the [Canadian] sushi market.


Jason Tompkins of OneTuna, says after 18 years as a tuna buyer he saw an opportunity to change the way tuna is bought, sold and marketed, and he’s looking to spread the word that Canada has the most regulated and sustainable tuna fishery in the world…


“Due to our conservation methods here in Canada we have actually seen an increase in the biomass of about 60% in the last decade. We are seeing a big influx of this species in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, off southern Newfoundland and off the east cost of Nova Scotia,” Tompkins said. “It’s really a success story.”


Before getting certification from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Tompkins was limited to selling whole fish to Japan, the US and Canada. Now he can sell select cuts to more markets and even freeze it for later transport.


“I have customers in Montreal who are more budget conscious. They are looking for good colour at a good price. I have customers in Toronto who want the most expensive cut because that’s what their customers are looking for,” he said.


…The OneTuna plant in North Lake, PEI, was completed in May and obtained its CFIA certification in June. The plant still has to compete with international buyers, and so far it has processed three bluefins, which typically weigh more than 200 kilograms and can grow to 725 kilograms...”


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