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Canadian East Coast LNG Export Plans Progress with $CAD 190 M Deal

The Goldboro LNG terminal would be the first on Canada's East Coast and compete with the growing number of plants on the U.S. Gulf Coast, hoping its shorter distance to Europe and further west will help sell its LNG by cutting shipping costs.

This interesting article is about the Canadian marine and Natural Gas industries. Alfa Laval’s equipment onboard vessels and rigs protects important equipment as well as reduces energy costs and harmful emissions.


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“…Pieridae said in a statement late on Thursday it had closed a C$190 million acquisition of Shell's gas assets in Alberta's Foothills region, giving it most of the gas needed to supply the first of two plants at the Goldboro terminal.


…Unusually for LNG projects in the developed world, Pieridae has a $4.5 billion German government guarantee and has one German buyer, Uniper, for all 5 million tonnes a year produced by its first train, a large contract by industry standards.


…As part of Germany's involvement in the project, 1.5 million tonnes of LNG sold to Uniper must land in the Netherlands and the subsequent regasified gas shipped to Germany by pipeline, Pieridae's corporate documents showed.....”


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