New Wastewater Research and Development Facility

Hosted in the Guelph Wastewater Treatment Plant

This article is relevant to Alfa Laval's sales of water/solids seperation centrifuges and tertiary membrane filtration equipment to municipalities in Ontario and to industrial operations in Canada. 

Below is the article summary. Read the full article, link on: Water Canada website

...A new project installed in a technology demonstration facility at the Guelph Wastewater Treatment Plant was started with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the GE project, which has three primary process goals:

  • Generate clean water from wastewater for purposes of reuse;
  • Harvest biogas from the processing of biosolids; and
  • Collect pathogen-free fertilizer.

The pilot is the first large-scale project to receive funding under the SOWC’s Advancing Water Technologies (AWT) program...

The kinds of research systems being operated at the Guelph facility will be related to  resource recovery models (the recovery of fertilizers and phosphorus for energy and marketing)...

Read the full article, link on: Water Canada website

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