Alfa Laval - NH3 CO2 heat exchanger debuts

2016-11-22 Product news

Alfa Laval debuts NH3 CO2 heat exchanger

New compact ammonia system for supermarkets, and residential areas

This article is relevant to Alfa Laval's line of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems in Canada.

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Ammonia refrigeration systems at Chillventa from Alfa Laval: a compact NH3/CO2 plate-and-frame heat exchanger that is attached to its U-Turn ammonia separator.

... this is a new compact system with a very small ammonia charge. The heat exchanger condenses CO2 while evaporating NH3... is meant for smaller plants, large supermarkets, and residential areas.

Alfa Laval has also unveiled a larger heat exchanger for gas coolers in transcritical CO2 systems. Allowing gas coolers of up to 350 kW double the common 150 kW system..

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