2015-06-23 Product news

Alfa Laval environmental products will be installed on the Petrofac JSD6000

Oil and gas industry service provider Petrofac has selected a range of Alfa Laval environmental products for the new Petrofac JSD6000. Alfa Laval PureDry, PureBilge and PureBallast will all be installed aboard this game-changing derrick lay vessel.

The Petrofac JSD6000, which will be available for operations in 2017, will be a unique top-tier vessel operating in the offshore market. Offering a distinctive combination of S-lay and J-lay pipe-laying features with heavy lifting capabilities of 5000 tonnes, the vessel will be deployed internationally in construction and installation projects for Petrofac clients.

“Having such an extensive reach and, in particular, working in the ultra-deep and deepwater sector requires the implementation of high standards and technologies underpinned by stringent monitoring measures and a sound integrated approach towards the surrounding environment,” says Dmitry Lygin, Chief Engineer of the Petrofac JSD6000.

Among the environmental protection technologies on board will be the waste fuel recovery system Alfa Laval PureDry, the bilge water treatment system Alfa Laval PureBilge and the ballast water treatment system Alfa Laval PureBallast. “Alfa Laval is proud to have a range environmental products associated with a unique vessel like the Petrofac JSD6000,” says Pauli Kujala, Senior Business Manager, Oily Waste Treatment Systems at Alfa Laval.

Environmental factors considered from the start

In all aspects of its operations, Petrofac is committed to combining environmental excellence with high operational performance. The Petrofac JSD600 is no exception, which is why the environment has been taken into account since the conceptual design stage.

“One of our objectives is to minimize the ecological footprint of the vessel in the marine and air environments,” says Lygin. “Among the many different factors, fuel consumption, sludge production, bilge and ballast water discharges represent critical areas that can have a negative impact on the marine environment if not properly managed.”

On this occasion, having reviewed a number of options in the market, Petrofac selected Alfa Laval to support the Petrofac JSD6000 in these areas. “As with many suppliers we work with, Alfa Laval’s products are in line with our energy efficiency and environmental protection goals,” Lygin says.

High performance expectations

As preparations for the installations progress, Petrofac is satisfied with the broad technical guidance provided by the Alfa Laval technical and sales team. Once the Petrofac JSD6000 is in operation, Lygin and his team foresee continued cooperation with Alfa Laval in areas such as troubleshooting, spare parts and remote monitoring.

“We expect durable and reliable product performance, keeping in mind that the equipment functionality is essential for the working conditions when operating in a protected environment,” says Lygin. “In the same way we do with many of our suppliers, we will be expecting continuous and comprehensive technical support for all post-order services relevant to the equipment installed on board.”

To learn more about Alfa Laval PureDry, PureBilge and PureBallast, as well as Alfa Laval’s approach to environmental protection, visit www.alfalaval.com/marine 

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