Alfa Laval Touch Control is the new standard of control for marine boilers

Alfa Laval Touch Control is being rolled out successively for new and existing Alfa Laval Aalborg boilers. First out are the Alfa Laval Aalborg OS-TCi and OC-TCi boilers, which will now feature advanced control with a simple touch.

DATE 2023-11-27

With its graphical touchscreen display and intuitive two-touch navigation, Alfa Laval Touch Control is a major leap forward in boiler control technology. “Our boilers themselves have always been at the cutting edge,” says John Pedersen, Alfa Laval Business Manager, Marine Systems. “With Alfa Laval Touch Control, we take the same lead in steering them.”

Re-envisioning boiler control

Alfa Laval Touch Control is a tried-and-tested solution that has been proven in the engine room on other marine systems from Alfa Laval. What it offers, however, is entirely new for boilers.


“The system is intuitive and incredibly easy to learn, even for less skilled crewmembers,” says Pedersen. “Two touches of the screen provide access to any page , yet there are user levels and password protection to keep inexperienced operators from making mistakes.”

Faster and simpler troubleshooting

Where Alfa Laval Touch Control makes the biggest difference is in troubleshooting. When something goes wrong with a boiler, time is of the essence in bringing steam production back online.

“Alfa Laval Touch Control gives operators an easy-to-use interface with a full graphical overview of the plant,” Pedersen says. “With everything literally at their fingertips, they can pinpoint issues more quickly and easily than ever before.”

Flexible and future-proof

Alfa Laval Touch Control is PLC-based, which gives it plug-and-play simplicity and high durability in the engine room. With coverage for all major bus interfaces, it is easily connected to onboard communication systems and easy to install as a retrofit. Moreover, it offers the flexibility of firmware upgrades, which will let it adapt to changing needs.

“This is boiler control for today’s operational requirements, but also for the future,” Pedersen concludes. “As boiler technology changes and legislation creates new demands, Alfa Laval Touch Control will let vessels and their crews adjust with ease.”