RCL will sail with the first inline version of Alfa Laval PureSOx

Inline scrubbers will be attractive or even necessary for many cruise ships and RoPax vessels. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCL) will soon be testing one on board: the first inline version of Alfa Laval PureSOx.

DATE 2023-11-27

Having selected U-shaped PureSOx 2.0 systems for three Freedom Class vessels last year, RCL was open to an alternative configuration for one of its Voyager Class vessels. On Adventure of the Seas, where the space and stability issues are complex, RCL will install and test an inline version of PureSOx.

“RCL is a highly capable partner with a strong interest in seeing marine scrubber technology move forward,” says René Diks, Manager Marketing & Sales, Exhaust Gas Cleaning.

Prioritized development

The inline system has been under development at the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre in Aalborg, Denmark, where the project has had high priority.

“The analysis and trials at our new test centre have focused on ensuring a safe water trap and minimizing material stresses in the inline design, because the scrubber is cooled and heated with every start and stop,” says Jens Peter Hansen, R&D Manager.

Close cooperation with RCL

The scrubber on Adventure of the Seas will be a hybrid system connected to one main engine, and RCL has been active in the design process. “We were pleased to involve RCL, whose valuable insights and installation expertise have contributed to the final design,” says Hansen.

“We were very interested in working with Alfa Laval on the inline version of PureSOx, because it addresses the unique challenges of cruise ship building,” explains Kevin Douglas, Vice President, Technical Projects and Newbuild at RCL. “We are keen to see scrubber technology develop, especially in this direction.”

Moving towards even greater flexibility

René Diks is excited to see the inline project moving into the sea trial phase. “The cruise industry, with its environmental profile and unique technical considerations, places high demands on a SOx scrubber,” he says. “Alfa Laval PureSOx provides a great deal of flexibility in meeting those demands, and will offer even more flexibility when the inline version is officially launched.”