Wash liquid cleaning

Extend the life of your water-based service fluids

Water-based wash liquids are essential to a wide range of service processes, but if they’re not treated in the right way, they can cost your business more than they need to.

Because they’re used to remove oil and dirt from finished components, the wash liquid itself becomes contaminated over time. Normal filtration gets rid of most, but not all, which means that roughly every four weeks the system needs a full clean, and the wash liquid needs to be totally replaced.

There’s also the costly process of disposing of the tramp oil, which must be taken away to an authorised place. All of this adds up to significant downtime. Thankfully, with the right methods, you won’t need to do this nearly as often.

By using an Alfa Laval separator, you can ensure that the wash liquid stays cleaner for longer. Rather than closing down the process every four weeks, you can extend the period between disposal and replacement to at least 8 weeks. This gives you an almost immediate return on investment.


Customer case: Outokumpu

Outokumpu, the global leader in stainless steel, was able to maximize production efficiency while reducing its carbon footprint by using a range Alfa Laval equipment. The new way of working also results in less scrap, and better quality in the final products.

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