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Separator service kits and spare parts 

Boost productivity and maximize uptime with high-quality separator service parts from Alfa Laval. Our service kits are designed to simplify maintenance and have been developed based on years of experience to help you conduct planned service in as little time as possible. They include what is required for every specific service, with the most up-to-date genuine spare parts to extend your equipment's lifetime and ensure it’s running at peak performance. All parts in the kits are specifically designed to match your equipment and operating conditions providing the perfect fit and compatibility. Service Kits are sent in one shipment. You can be assured of the right parts in the right packaging with the right fit and the right instructions. 

With just a click away, you have access to a broad range of long-lasting high-quality parts which will help you to lower your total cost of ownership and preserve the value of your separator equipment throughout its entire life cycle. Visit our webshop today and find the right service kit for your industrial fluids cleaning separator.


Service kit intermediate 640x360.jpg

Intermediate service kit

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Service kit major 640x360.jpg

Major service kit

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Service kit 3year 640x360.jpg

3 year service kit

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Service kit set of tools 640x360.jpg

Set of tools service kit

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Service kit o-rings 640x360.jpg

O-rings service kit

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Service kit disc stacks 640x360.jpg

Disc stack service kit

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