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Planning a cooling system can be a complex task, considering the many factors involved in a successful HVAC solution. Alfa Laval supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality heat exchangers and components for cooling applications and applies knowledge and experience gained from numerous completed projects around the world.

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Why trust Alfa Laval for HVAC cooling?

  • Reliable and energy-efficient products saving time on the submittal process.
  • Optimized systems for improved efficiency and reduced costs.
  • AHRI certified ensures dependability and mitigates risks.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of new Alfa Laval heat exchangers are installed in HVAC cooling systems across the globe, helping to reduce global CO2 emissions by 196,000 tonnes and save customers 860 GWh of electrical power annually.

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Comprehensive range, reliable performance 

Most cooling solutions involve one or more heat exchangers. Alfa Laval identifies a solution for specific cooling needs, customized from our comprehensive heat exchanger range. Our performance-certified heat exchangers ensure reliable performance.

Solutions that perform under pressure

Alfa Laval provides solutions for major projects such as comfort cooling in skyscrapers. Large volumes of water must be pumped over great distances at constant high pressure through tall buildings. Alfa Laval’s complete HVAC cooling portfolio for tall buildings includes heat exchangers in a pressure-breaking role to protect chillers and air conditioning units from excessive pressure.

Anytime configurator tool

Alfa Laval Anytime is an easy-to-use online configuration tool for selecting and sizing single-phase gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers. Register and get access to everything you need for a quick layout.

Anytime heat exchanger configuration tool

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To help your specification needs, we offer you the latest and greatest product specification information via MasterSpec.

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Unsure about certifications?

An AHRI-certified plate heat exchanger ensures that your HVAC cooling system will perform exactly as intended. Checking the AHRI Certification Library is always recommended when designing projects.

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Looking for a 3D File?

You can find 3D blueprints of Alfa Laval products for the most used design platforms in the BIM gallery.

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