Documentation on heat transfer development

Alfa Laval’s nine decades of successful heat transfer development has resulted in unique knowledge for solving challenges and improving equipment performance. Whatever the issue, question or curiosity you may have about the world of plate heat exchangers, our experienced experts are here to help you find the answer.

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Online heat exchanger training

Sign up for a self-driven course to learn more about the different types of plate heat exchanger technology available today. To make sure you get the most out of Alfa Laval’s expertise, all courses are free of charge. Start them whenever you like and go at your own pace.

Online heat exchanger training

Industry-leading guidance from our experts

Energy efficiency

Discover advanced features for achieving sustainable, cost-effective energy efficiency in your heating and cooling applications.

AlfaNova: true stainless steel

Get the facts about AlfaNova – a 100% stainless steel heat exchanger built with our patented fusion bonding process

Simplicity for your business

Learn about the steps Alfa Laval has taken to make selecting a heat exchanger less complicated.

Five-point alignment secures a more reliable experience

In the quest to minimize potential downtime, Alfa Laval has developed features for improving heat exchanger reliability. Here, expert Torgny explains the five-point alignment system.

Expect improved serviceability

Features like ClipGrip™ that simplify maintenance help make sure you get the longest life and lowest cost of ownership from your equipment. Watch this video with expert Johan to learn more.

Achieve higher efficiency with CurveFlow™

In this video, Alfa Laval expert Martin explains how advanced features like the CurveFlow™ distribution area enables improved thermal efficiency.

Challenges to overcome for all PHE manufacturers

Alfa Laval's unique plate heat exchanger features CurveFlow™, OmegaPort™ and FlexFlow™ contribute to sustainability with reduced fouling and improved efficiency. They are designed to overcome the common challenges for all plate heat exchanger manufacturers. Learn more in this video.

Efficient and reliable technology: that is what we do

Only Alfa Laval offers a full range of heat exchange technology for data centers with performance certification from the independent Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). This gives you confident assurance of efficient performance, but ultimately, the equipment is just the beginning. Find out how we can work with you from day one to make sure your cooling system will deliver reliable, long-term sustainability.

Unique expertise to ensure dependable sustainability over time

Fouling can greatly reduce both the expected lifetime of your heat exchanger as well as its thermal performance. With Alfa Laval as your partner, you have access to the world-leading experts on chemistry and materials technology. They can work with you to identify the potential causes of fouling risks and develop custom strategies to help you prevent it.

Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers for safe tap water heating

Technology transformation from tanks with tubes as coils to Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers can solve most of your hot water problems. It will also help you save money and contribute to sustainability. Learn more about it in this video.




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CB27XP Product leaflet 2022-10-21 446.44 KB
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With a history built on more than 90 years of thermal innovation, today Alfa Laval works with clients all over the world, in virtually any industry imaginable. But don’t take our word for it! Click here to read some of our customers’ stories and learn about the ways our advanced plate heat exchanger technologies help them secure more efficient, dependable and sustainable thermal performance.

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See expert answers to the most common questions about heating and cooling technology.

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Based on unique knowledge from decades of experience supplying thermal solutions, Alfa Laval has been able to create a number of resources that you can utilize to facilitate your day-to-day work. Click here to discover BIM files, 3D drawings and other resources to facilitate your day-to-day work.

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