Air conditioning and heat pump solutions

In a warming world, air conditioning is essential for homes, businesses, hospitals, data centers, laboratories and other critical establishments. Alfa Laval is a leading provider of low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants and solutions in the air conditioning and heat pump industry. Innovative technologies offer sustainable cooling for buildings, boosting chiller energy efficiency and ensuring environmentally friendly heat pump air conditioning solutions.


Why you should choose Alfa Laval for air conditioning solutions

  • Alfa Laval’s brazed heat exchangers offer unparalleled thermal efficiency and mechanical performance to ensure optimal condensation and evaporation.
  • With nearly 100 years of expertise, Alfa Laval's heat exchangers deliver efficient heat pump solutions backed by pertinent certifications.
  • Our proactive R&D teams help you stay at the forefront, offering the latest sustainable heat transfer solutions for the HVAC industry.
  • We have a global presence, with local service centres worldwide, ensuring that you receive efficient service no matter where you are.
  • Alfa Laval can optimize the brazed heat exchanger for OEM customers according to specific applications and system requirements.

Trends in the industry

Air conditioning alone consumes a staggering 70% of peak residential electricity demand on hot days in the US and Middle East. In fact, 2019's space cooling emitted 1 Gt CO2, consuming 8.5% of global electricity. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and International Energy Agency (IEA) report anticipates a sharp uptick in space cooling demand ahead.

As air conditioning grows more vital globally, its associated issues amplify – unless rectified. A massive change is currently underway in the refrigerants market. Driven by environmental concerns, legislation is pushing a gradual phase out of traditional refrigerants in favour of new alternatives with lower GWP.

Alfa Laval addresses this in two ways. Enhanced plate heat exchangers annually save 860 GWh of electrical power. Moreover, our new heat exchangers are adaptable to your chosen refrigerant and optimized for natural, low-density, low-GWP types.

Maintaining an optimal indoor climate

Within the air-conditioning chiller unit, diverse manufacturers integrate Alfa Laval brazed plate exchangers as liquid evaporators and/or condensers. For larger structures, additional Alfa Laval heat exchangers are incorporated. Gasketed plate heat exchangers, with minimal temperature difference, serve intermediate roles in heating and cooling systems. Aloft, roof-installed air-liquid coolers or condensers effectively remove excess heat.

Aircon heat pumps optimal indoor climate

Navigating a changing refrigerants market

A massive change is currently underway in the refrigerants market. Driven by environmental concerns, legislation is pushing a gradual phase-out of traditional refrigerants in favour of new alternatives with lower global warming potential (GWP). View the movie and download the white paper for a fundamental primer on selecting and accommodating alternative refrigerants for diverse heating and cooling applications.

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Optimizing system performance and efficiency

Alfa Laval's solutions for chiller and heat pump efficiency gains optimize system performance, enabling higher energy efficiency and cost savings. Alfa Laval's heat recovery systems capture and reuse waste heat, increasing overall energy efficiency and reducing operational costs.

With our comprehensive product range, Alfa Laval is at the forefront of promoting greener and more sustainable solutions for heat pump air conditioning markets.


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Optimized heat transfer solutions for the OEM market

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Residential heating and domestic hot water

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Air conditioning and chillers


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Heat pumps


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Enabling sustainable, efficient and safe heating and cooling with propane

Together, Alfa Laval and Simaka Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH designed an innovative heat pump solution for a Swiss supermarket chain. The system is built with three high-capacity Alfa Laval brazed plate heat exchangers and uses low-GWP propane as refrigerant, delivering long-term sustainability, energy efficiency, and a safe operation.

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The Alfa Laval AC65 – total efficiency for residential heat pump applications

Offering thermal efficiency, developmental efficiency, and process efficiency, the AC65 is a next-generation heat exchanger for the high-volume heat pump market. It offers unrivalled quality and exceptional performance with the lowest possible charge, making it the perfect fit for low-GWP refrigerants, including R290.

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The Alfa Laval AC540 family–optimized for low-GWP refrigerants

The world of refrigerants is evolving rapidly, driven by environmental concerns, and by the challenge of achieving ever-higher efficiency from the new generation of low-GWP refrigerants, such as R32 and carbon dioxide. To address the many new challenges facing the HVAC industry, Alfa Laval developed the AC540 family of brazed heat exchangers, with designs that are optimized to work with the refrigerant of your choice.

AC540 heat exchanger

Smart selection!

Stop the time-consuming search on websites! The right heat exchanger for your specific application can now be found faster than ever before – with the new Alfa Laval Product Catalogue.

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Energy Hunter – Sustainable solutions by hunting for waste energy

To improve energy efficiency, we all need to hunt down and reduce waste energy. Alfa Laval has the technology, expertise, and service to maximize your heat transfer efficiency. Use our new tool to calculate how much you can save today.

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Consultant? System integrator?

Are you a consultant? Look here! With expertise from decades of experience in heat exchange, Alfa Laval offers knowledgeable resources for today’s heating and cooling challenges. Discover answers to complex questions on everything from energy efficiency to natural refrigerants, along with helpful tools that make it simpler to find the right technology for your application.

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HVAC and the Sustainable cities

Consuming more than two-thirds of the world’s energy, our cities play a crucial role in tackling the climate crisis. A considerable part of cities’ energy consumption is for heating and cooling, which means improving energy efficiency is paramount. Alfa Laval has almost a century of experience in heat transfer and recovery and aims to become carbon neutral by 2030. Let us be your partner in the transformation to a sustainable tomorrow.

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