Water is essential for all forms of life, but clean water is rapidly becoming a scarce resource and water scarcity poses a significant threat to the world as we know it today. That is why it is crucial that we find a way to optimize the use, reuse, and cleaning of water across industries.

There are two main benefits of cleaning and reusing water. The first is the positive impact it will have on reducing freshwater consumption and the second is the possibility to recover other valuable material that could have ended up in waste streams.

At Alfa Laval, we help the world’s industries accelerate water circularity with solutions that preserve fresh water supplies, secure water savings, and reuse water.

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Water scarcity

Water scarcity is intensifying around the globe and is affecting both industries and individuals. The increasing population and subsequent rise in demand is putting significant pressure on fresh water sources, which are already impacted by the climate crisis. In fact, even though we are living on a blue planet, less than 0.02% of our water resources are currently available and accessible for the entire planet to use in industrial operations. In industries like renewable chemicals, manufacturing, and recycling industries that consume large amounts of water, this poses a serious threat. The responsible way forward for both industry and individuals is to care about and reuse the water that we have.

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What causes water scarcity? 

Water scarcity is caused by climate change, overpopulation, and today’s consumer lifestyle. Many industries also use water in their process.

How do we solve water scarcity?

The solution to our water scarcity issues is to close the water loop by reusing what we consume.  Here at Alfa Laval, we use well known and tested technologies to make it possible to reuse industry wastewater and clean water to return back into the eco-system. We also provide solutions that make it possible to distil and use water from the sea and rivers instead of taking valuable fresh water in certain industries. 


Safeguarding water supplies

We can secure the availability of fresh water by eliminating unnecessary fresh ground or surface water use. For example, our solutions make it possible to distil and use water from the sea and rivers instead of taking valuable fresh water in certain industries. Additionally, Alfa Laval’s solutions enables the reuse of water and make sure that you have the right quality for your purposes without impoverishing our natural resources.

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Water as value 

Alfa Laval’s equipment makes it possible for you to secure a circular water system and run your operations without interruption. By cleaning and reusing water, you can limit the amount of fresh water that enters your plant and reduce or even eliminate wastewater.

Reduce your water usage by cleaning and reusing it in your process or sell it on.

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Water as waste

Treat your water on site so that you can safely return it to the eco-system. Alfa Laval’s equipment helps you secure a balanced water withdrawal with efficient handling of effluents in compliance with current regulations.



Accelerating water circularity within several applications 



Manufacturing processes requires large amounts of water. This results in higher costs for treatment, disposal and the purchasing of water. Additionally, legislation on how water is disposed is increasing.

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Green hydrogen

In the electrolysis process, ultra pure water is needed. Optimized water generation that preserves our current fresh water supplies will be a key factor to ensure a sustainable development for green hydrogen production.

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Construction drilling

Water management is critical in any construction project. It plays a key role in excavation and foundations, in cooling machines, maintaining pressure, moving solids, or as a means of cleaning. 

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Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) 

The Alfa Laval AlfaFlash Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems eliminate liquid wastewater discharge, generate solids for disposal or reuse, and recycle high-purity distillate water that can be beneficially reused. 

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Mining tailings

Alfa Laval’s solid-bowl centrifuges replace or complement existing solutions and help boost capacity, reduce tailings volumes, save space and increase the recovery of water, chemicals and minerals.

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Reuse water, recover value 

Demand for ZLD solutions is on the rise, meeting today’s increasing need for circular solutions. Alfa Laval has been leading the way with customised ZLD. Now Alfa Laval has taken the next step on the road to zero liquid discharge with the launch of a new range of modularized systems. Listen to one of our customers experience of the system.


Introducing Alfa Laval HyDuo, the most sustainable solution to produce water for green hydrogen production

Every 10 MW electrolyser capacity requires 50-60 m3/day of clean water. How the water supply is treated is therefore a crucial factor to consider when developing green hydrogen in a sustainable way. Using salty water with the correct desalination technology can be a key path in preserving fresh water supplies. If done in the correct way, this is both efficient and has limited environmental impact.


Water Sustainability

Water is a finite resource. With less then 1 percent of all water fresh and clean, every drop counts. Watch the video to learn more 

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