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Clean water is necessary for all life on Earth. It is also defined by the United Nations as a basic human right, and the sustainability of tap water equipment has come under increasing scrutiny. Did you know, for example, that in Stockholm, metal release from water systems results in up to 6 tonnes of copper entering the wastewater every year? For these reasons, lawmakers in many jurisdictions have passed new requirements designed to prevent media cross-contamination and metal contamination into the water supplies.

Alfa Laval understands that in today’s tap and warm water heating and cooling applications, safety is just as important as cost-efficiency and performance. Drawing on our deep knowledge of plate heat exchanger technology, we have developed innovative solutions that offer the best assurance of safe water systems along with improved efficiency to minimize energy consumption. Contact us today to learn how we can support your needs in designing the safest, most sustainable tap water solutions.


What is the advantage of true stainless steel?

Why choose pure, 100% stainless steel? In certain applications, such as those with a high demand for cleanliness, where aggressive media is used, or where there are concerns about metal contamination, it can make all the difference. In this video, our Product Manager Christine Nordström explains why. She also explores some of the unique benefits that you can achieve thanks to Alfa Laval’s unique AlfaNova stainless steel heat exchanger technologies.

Decentralized hot water supply

Alfa Laval’s unique stainless steel AlfaNova technology enables new possibilities for decentralized hot water supply systems. This ensures lower risk of both metal contamination from copper and nickel, as well as prevention of bacteria such as legionella from entering the drinking water supply. The compact size of AlfaNova makes this easy achieve, even as a “plug-in” option in older buildings.


Meeting metal contamination guidelines: an Alfa Laval webinar

Limiting heavy metal contamination in drinking water is critical for public health and, increasingly, required by law in many jurisdictions. For example, this issue is addressed globally in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality (GDWQ).

At national levels, metal contamination has been covered in Germany’s Trinkwasserverordnung, as well as in guidelines from the country’s Federal Environment Agency (UBA). Additionally, a transnational collaboration known as 4MS has sought to find a common approach to tap water regulations in France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Unfortunately, much of the equipment commonly used in tap water applications today will not meet the increasingly strict guidelines of these and other future regulatory frameworks. In a recent webinar, Alfa Laval heat exchanger specialist Roman Rathsack reviewed some of these legislative requirements and offered an overview of the new technologies available to help meet them. You can view the webinar anytime, available on demand!

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Our solutions


Alfa Laval AlfaNovaTW

Despite the risks of contamination, most heat exchanger technologies used in tap and warm water applications can leak traces of dangerous metals like nickel and copper into the water supply. The new AlfaNova TW is different. Built with Alfa Laval’s patented fusion bonding process, it offers 100% stainless steel construction. The first-ever AlfaNova optimized specifically for tap water duties, it also gives you a smart solution that won’t strain your budget.

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Alfa Laval double-wall brazed heat exchangers

Built with our three-barrier technique, Alfa Laval’s new generation of double-wall brazed plate heat exchangers provide the market’s greatest protection against mixing of fluids. And thanks to an advanced plate pattern design, you can maintain greater thermal efficiency for your system than possible with other double-wall technologies.

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AlfaNovaTW® 66: the latest in 100% stainless steel innovation

You can’t compromise. So we don’t either. For minimizing metal contamination in tap water duties, no stainless steel heat exchanger gives you more confidence than Alfa Laval’s AlfaNovaTW. With the launch of the larger capacity AlfaNovaTW 66, this range offers solutions for domestic water installations big and small, as well as a wide scope of other HVAC heating and cooling applications.

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Domestic hot water production

Alfa Laval's domestic hot water solutions are designed to ensure the dependable and economical supply of sanitary water. Our systems can provide domestic hot water for apartments and houses, high-volume tap water for large facilities, and water supplies free from the Legionella bacterium.

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