Pre-cooling in hydrogen refuelling

The world’s transportation sector is accelerating the electrification of their applications as the best alternative to fossil fuels. But electrification alone will only be able to cover around half of tomorrows energy demands. So, we need to turn to other clean molecules to support where electricity is not able.

Hydrogen as an alternative fuel is a great complimentary solution to battery technology and will play a key role within heavy duty transportation like buses, trains and more. In fact, it is a safe, efficient, and reliable refuelling method that will be essential if we want to decarbonize the transportation sector across a broader range of applications.


Safe and efficient hydrogen refuelling

When we set out to support the development of the hydrogen infrastructure, fast refuelling, safe operations, energy efficiency, and minimized space requirements were our main focus areas. Now, with the launch of the Alfa Laval HyBlocTM range of printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHE), we can achieve this and more.

The HyBlocTM heat exchanger makes it possible to optimizepre-cooling for hydrogen refuelling stations and supply fuels to light passenger or heavy-duty vehicles (HDV) like trucks and buses.

The unique design also enables back-to-back refuelling to guarantee the lowest possible wait times for your customers. All of this can be achieved under minimal space requirements and installation cost.

Hydrogen refuelling with pre-cooling from Alfa Laval

Hydrogen refuelling station

Ultra-compact hydrogen pre-cooling

  • Continuous refrigeration loops to eliminate waiting times
  • Operates under high pressures for minimal filling times
  • Ultra-compact, packageable design with lower space requirements
  • Suitable for all type of cooling media
  • Well-proven, safe technology
  • Leading supplier with high production capacity and application support

Take the lead in hydrogen refuelling!

At Alfa Laval, we can support you with highly efficient heat exchangers that maximize the filling capacity of our systems, as well as expert advice on how to optimize your hydrogen precooling process.

man truck hydrogen refuelling station HyBloc

Energy efficient clean hydrogen solutions

Do you want to know more about how Alfa Laval supports in development in the full hydrogen value chain? Explore our offerings in everything from production to end-use.

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