Exhaust gas waste heat recovery

Today’s modern engine systems are considerably more efficient than their predecessors. Yet much of the energy they produce still goes to heat rather than power. By recapturing this energy and putting it to use, Alfa Laval reduces both fuel consumption and emissions.


From waste to win

The recovery of waste heat is a unique opportunity that benefits operating economy as much as it does the environment. With as much as 35% of an engine’s fuel energy going into the exhaust flow as waste heat, there are substantial savings to be made when that energy is recovered.

Alfa Laval Aalborg waste heat recovery systems allow the utilization of exhaust gas waste heat to create process steam and hot water, produce extra electricity, heat fuel oil and/or supply district heating and cooling. Drawing on our full thermal expertise, they can provide combined heating and power that truly lift your efficiency.

Comprehensive benefits

Our extensive know-how and decades of experience worldwide makes it possible for us to design and deliver systems that maximize economic and environmental gains. We offer complete solutions that include not only high-efficiency exhaust gas heat recovery boilers, but also all main accessories and control systems.

With our tailored solutions, you can better accommodate your operational needs while at the same time coping with rising fuel prices and tightening environmental regulations. As you cut fuel use and thereby cost, you also limit your emissions.