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The Canadian heat transfer tour truck starts May 29th

The tour truck shows examples of Compact, Welded and Plate Heat Exchanger system are cutaways of models and exchanger plate configurations.

Your facility engineers, maintenance and plant management teams can learn about successful use of our heat transfer technology in HVAC, Process and District Heating applications.

Equipment currently available:

  • TL10 Gasketed plate heat exchanger
  • ALFilter
  • TS20 Gasketed plate heat exchanger
  • AlfaNova 400
  • Compabloc 
    Spiral Heat Exchanger Type 1H
  • Spiral column mounted condenser Type 2V
  • Duroshell

Request a Stop?

Our equipment tour is looking for May and June stops in Ontario, Quebec and the East Coast.

The trailer is completely self contained and can be setup in your facility's parking lot, with no connection to electricity or water.

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June Itinenary

  • Jun 23 AV Cell Atholville
  • Jun 24 Stantec, Fredericton
  • Jun 25 Irving Pulp & Paper, Saint John
  • Jun 25 Irving Oil, Saint John
  • Jun 26 AMEC, Dartmonth
  • Jun 26 Cambridge Suites, Halifax