PureBallast 3 - Crew training

Learning goals

You will have a better understanding about the PureBallast ballast water treatment process and the responsibilities and duties involved in operating, calibrating and maintaining a PureBallast 3 system.

Target group

This training is aimed at crew members who are responsible or operating and maintaining a PureBallast 3 system on board a vessel.




Classroom: 2 days

Virtual training: 1 day or 2 half-days

Course fee

You will receive course fees together with other practical training information in your registration confirmation email. 

Course content

  • Principles of ballast water treatment and the differences between ballast water treatment technologies
  • Practical identification of PureBallast 3 system components and their function
  • PureBallast 3 operation and processes
  • Practical simulation of different operational conditions
  • Practical maintenance and calibration of PureBallast 3
  • Recommended spare parts on board

Additional notes

This training is intended to give crew members confidence in operating and maintaining a PureBallast 3 system. It combines theory and hands-on operational exercises at a training facility equipped with a full-scale PureBallast 3 system.

The training is conducted at facilities in Mumbai, Manila, and Houston. Training can also be provided onboard the customer’s vessel with access to the actual system that the crew will be using. Virtual training is also possible.

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