Performance Audit for PureSOx

High performance from your Alfa Laval PureSOx system is essential, both for your emissions compliance and for your operating economy. Regular inspection in the form of a Performance Audit ensures that your system performs as it should, but also gives you opportunities to lower its cost of operation.

A Performance Audit is an onboard equipment survey that can be performed anywhere in the world. We assess the functional performance of your PureSOx system, looking for ways to optimize it and to lower costs by reducing its consumption of energy and process fluid.

Our skilled service engineers conduct a thorough inspection of system parameters and software performance, but also evaluate the operational skills of your crew. Afterwards we provide a detailed report of the findings, along with recommendations for optimization and upgrades.


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  • Optimized system parameters and performance
  • Reduced consumption of energy and process fluid
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved crew knowledge and uniform operating procedures
  • Opportunities to take advantage of new upgrade possibilities

Scope of supply

Performance Audits can be performed on all Alfa Laval PureSOx systems, regardless of configuration.

Scope of service

  • On board meeting
    Before and after inspecting your PureSOx system, an Alfa Laval service engineer meets with your chief engineers to discuss its condition and performance.
  • System inspection
    Our field service engineer inspects all parameters of your PureSOx system, as well as its software performance.
  • Crew evaluation
    Our field service engineer meets with the crew to evaluate their operational skills and provide any relevant Service Bulletins.
  • Detailed inspection report
    Following the inspection, Alfa Laval provides an audit report documenting:
    - Work completed
    - System performance
    - Failures identified
    - Recommendations for maintenance and further action
    - Opportunities to optimize performance

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