Hydraulic tools

Alfa Laval hydraulic tools are used to compress and decompress the stack of flat sheet membranes, plates and flanges contained in Alfa Laval plate-and-frame modules.

Hydraulic tools 640x360

Decompression takes place when the module needs to be opened to access the individual membranes. This could be in connection with an exchange of membranes or to remedy leaks etc.

Compression takes place to close and re-tighten the module after it has been opened.

The hydraulic tool set consists of a built-in hydraulic cylinder unit and a lever-operated hydraulic pump unit.

For easy storage, the hydraulic tools can be supplied in a portable toolbox that precisely fits the hydraulic hand pump and any type of hydraulic tool.

Alfa Laval hydraulic tools are available in three different types for all Alfa Laval plate-and-frame modules.

Benefits, auxiliary membrane equipment

  • wide range of special ancillary equipment, fittings and accessories
  • full spectrum available from one single expert source
  • short delivery times and efficient logistics
  • all components dovetailing perfectly
  • all materials in compliance with FDA regulations and suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications

How it works

Being powered by pressurized oil means that hydraulic tools can operate at much higher pressures than comparably sized pneumatic tools. Further advantages of using hydraulic tools are enhanced force and optimized control.

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