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Alfa Laval eMotion

Reduce friction in the bowl of a disc stack separator for more energy-efficient separation. That’s the simple but very smart idea behind Alfa Laval eMotion™, an innovative separator option. Adding a vacuum pump to reduce the air pressure in the space between the separator bowl and the frame reduces energy consumption and noise levels while increasing hygiene.


  • Low-friction, near-vacuum conditions between the interior of the separator casing and the bowl exterior


  • Virtually no friction between the separator frame and bowl
  • Drastically reduced motor load and reduced heat generation
  • Minimized cooling requirements due to cooler separator exterior
  • Improved internal aerodynamics with reduced secondary flow vortices
  • Less stress on the materials
  • Less fouling
  • Facilitates intermittent solids discharge
  • Lower noise levels


  • Energy savings of up to 75% compared to traditional centrifuges
  • Lower water consumption
  • Minimal temperature pickup
  • Less maintenance
  • Higher cleanability, better hygiene
  • Better CO2 retention
  • Improved working environment
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Where to use it

Currently available for brewery applications.


How eMotion works

A module with a vacuum pump connected to the separator removes air outside the separator bowl, reducing friction between the bowl and the casing. With reduced friction, the separator bowl rotates with less resistance, reducing energy consumption, bowl temperature and noise levels.

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eMotion: an expert view

Want to learn about the difference eMotion can make in your processing? Watch this video to get a detailed explanation from an Alfa Laval separation expert about how this unique technology reduces friction in the bowl of a disc stack separator. He explains how this dramatically lowers power consumption and provides a number of other important benefits.

Take advantage of Alfa Laval features

All Alfa Laval separators are developed with the benefit of more than 130 years of experience with disc stack separation technology and our deep knowledge of customer processes. Find out how all that expertise has gone into unique features for improved separation performance.

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