Alfa Laval CultureOne is a premium range of separators designed for single-use cell harvesting in biopharmaceutical processing. With proven innovations for gentle product treatment and increased yield, CultureOne provides unmatched separation efficiency for high-density cell cultures.

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Premium and proven centrifuges for improved single-use biopharma production

  • Proven product recovery yields up to 99%
  • Easily scalable to larger Alfa Laval stainless steel separators
  • 50 to 80% less water, energy, and cleaning agents compared to filter-based harvesting methods – with only a fraction of plastics
  • Faster harvesting at large volumes and high cell densities
  • Compact design and fast batch changeover

With CultureOne separators, you can get the most out of your harvested product. Our separators deliver higher product yields than other single-use technology, with yields up to 99%. The Hermetic Design CultureOne separator ensures gentle treatment to reduce cell lysis and avoid foaming – resulting in easier downstream purification. With Alfa Laval Spinsert, our patented single-use disc stack, you get easy set up and replacement, ensuring fast batch changeover.

Our superior separation performance leads to a clear centrate with very low remaining solids content. This minimizes the need for secondary filtration – greatly reducing the ecological footprint. 

CultureOne separators are easy to operate, as stand-alone units or connected to a centralized system. The automation and connectivity provide complete data integrity, compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.   


Did you know?  

With the Alfa Laval CultureOne range, you can scale your single-use bioprocess easily and efficiently. Our bioprocess equipment and automation solutions help you avoid data and time losses. They also meet GMP requirements for your manufacturing facility and ensure system validation, data integrity and product quality. Plus, Alfa Laval experts can support you during commissioning, validation, and qualification for GMP production. Contact us today to learn more.  

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The CultureOne range 

CultureOne separators increase product recovery and enable a more efficient workflow for single-use biopharma processing, from R&D to production scale. 


Find out how the CultureOne series work

Do you want to learn more about CutureOne? Watch our short animation and discover how it works. Check out where the separation happens, the flow path of the fluids entering and exiting the unit, and the dimensions and scale of the unit compared to a human operator.

CultureOne Primo

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  • Processing capacity: 240 litres/hour 
  • Product recovery yield: Up to 99% 

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CultureOne Maxi 

  • Processing capacity: 720 litres/hour
  • Product recovery yield: Up to 99%

Learn more about CultureOne Maxi 

* Capacity figures for fed-batch mammalian cell culture materials. Actual process performance is a function of individual material characteristics.

Main facts about CultureOne

CultureOne-brochure.jpgImproving yields at every scale 

 The CultureOne separation platform is designed to maximize the potential of every cell culture, delivering unparalleled yields, ensuring product quality with utmost security, and minimizing additional lysis. The range ensures consistent performance throughout the transition from R&D to full-scale production, allowing for seamless scalability. 

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Co-developed-640x360.pngDeveloped with the industry to meet the most challenging demands

The CultureOne separation system was developed in close collaboration with leading biopharmaceutical manufacturers. Its unique performance has been verified in a wide range of processes to ensure it can meet ever-changing demands. 

Less waste in single-use processing

With CultureOne separators, you can reduce the amount of water, chemicals, and plastic consumables required for single-use biopharma processing by 50 to 80%. The result is lower costs and added sustainability.




Extending the performance of your equipment


For the market’s widest portfolio of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling equipment, Alfa Laval offers an unmatched range of services and support. From assistance during installation and commissioning to routine maintenance options and expertise to solve tough challenges, we are here to make sure your equipment delivers the performance you expect for a long time to come.

Our global network of service centers is staffed by maintenance technicians with extensive process and product knowledge. No matter where you are, we make sure you have a local contact who can be onsite with the experience to meet your needs.

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Are you considering single-use centrifugation?

Why switch to single-use processing? 

A single-use separation system secures patient safety by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination between batches. Single-use processing also enables a reduced footprint and increased flexibility, with no need for sterilization: empowering manufacturers to bring new treatments to market faster than ever before. 

A better harvest with centrifugal separation

Many single-use harvesting systems cannot efficiently separate high-density cell cultures. The resulting product loss dramatically impacts the productivity and profitability of biopharmaceutical operations. CultureOne overcomes this problem by combining high-efficiency centrifugal separation with secure and convenient single-use processing.   



Safety and quality with Spinsert™

CultureOne's performance is based on the Spinsert, a patented single-use disposable bowl and disc stack assembly – fully sterilized and ready for processing. Easy to set up and replace, it ensures fast batch changeover. In order to achieve this, Alfa Laval has integrated proven technology from stainless steel separators: 

  • Hermetic Design, an Alfa Laval unique design, providing low shear, higher product recovery, and foam free separation
  • TopStream™ enables continuous concentrated solid ejection during separation 
  • UniDisc™ increases disc area for improved separation efficiency. 

Proven and published 

In October 2020, BioProcess International published a study detailing the performance of CultureOne Primo. Made in collaboration with Genentech, the study shows exceptionally efficient separation, with recovery yield rates of up to 99%. In our webinar, Alfa Laval experts discuss the findings of the study. Watch the video and read the whitepaper to know more.

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Test, validate, and scale up your next separation solution

Whether upgrading your production line or running a proof of concept, Alfa Laval helps you choose the right separator solution with confidence. Simply get in touch to arrange a consultation and trial at one of our test centres, or to rent a unit for onsite testing.

Testing separation solutions
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Get the answers you need

Visit the Q&A section for answers to some of the most common questions about CultureOne and its potential – or send your question to our experts. 

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