AlfaFlash ZLD systems in the bio-chemical and bio-fuel process

Using renewable feedstocks for chemicals and fuels is becoming more common. The process of converting sustainable materials into useful chemicals and fuels has several steps, for many of which Alfa Laval has trusted and robust technologies. With the AlfaFlash ZLD system the ability to concentrate various feedstocks and reuse water in different parts of the process greatly improves the efficiency and even profitability of this conversion.

Alfaflash solution de REUT pour industriesharge

AlfaFlash ZLD, delivering benefits to bio-chemical and bio-fuel creation:

  • Reuse of water decreases environmental impact and costs
  • Systems to handle a wide range of capacities and applications
  • Expandable to meet future growth needs
  • Less product degradation, reducing waste
  • Testing capabilities to optimize and support the development of your process



Wide range of solution to cover both the main process, and waste handling

Alfa Laval has a wide-ranging offer to cover many different parts within the main process and waste handling. We offer solutions for concentration and crystallisation within your main process and waste evaporation and ZLD for your waste management. Our systems help you to comply with environmental requirements, and to reuse water in the process.

A sample of these applications:


HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) pre-treatment

Converting renewable resources into fuel is an important part of the path towards a more sustainable future. Alfa Laval’s broad range of separators and evaporators deliver feedstock free from impurities and adjust free fatty acids for conversion into renewable hydrocarbon transportation fuels. This process produces large amounts of washing wastewater. By treating this stream, it is possible to recover water back to the process, recover value from the waste, reduce disposal costs and further help in debottlenecking your downstream wastewater treatment plant.



Using renewable feedstocks for plastics is a necessary move away from petroleum-based resources. With our long history of providing separation that doesn’t damage feedstocks, as well as leading heat transfer solutions for different parts of the process, Alfa Laval can be your partner in this venture!



Using non-edible renewable resources to produce ethanol can play an important role in producing fuel from renewable sources without taking away from the food supply. Alfa Laval has applied its extensive experience of sugar and starch-based ethanol processing to the production of ethanol from cellulose. Wood, forest residues and agricultural by-products are all abundant raw materials for bioethanol production.

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And Alfa Laval has effective, robust solutions even for these applications:

  • Pyrolysis
  • Wood to sugars
  • Stillage
  • Lignin concentration
  • Tall oil

Alfa Laval is leading the way in these and other applications to help our customers achieve their environmental and economic goals.


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