Sustain efficiency with our ten top tips for Compabloc heat exchangers

As with any other industrial equipment, Alfa Laval Compabloc heat exchangers need regular service to maintain high performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.

In the following videos, we show you our ten best practices for performing maintenance in a secure manner and preserving your heat exchanger in good-as-new condition. And if you need our help, we are just a phone call away.

Compabloc hero

Ensure proper installation

Ensure the Compabloc is properly installed. Contact Alfa Laval for support with installation, commissioning and start-up.

Avoid pressure shock

Open and close valves slowly to avoid water hammer from pressure surges during start-up and shutdown.

Ensure proper venting

Make sure that the unit is properly vented. For large units, the vent connections should be kept opened and connected.

Use the right valves

Check that the control system complies with the Compabloc manual to ensure stable operation and smooth temperature and pressure ramp up during start-up or shutdown. We suggest you contact Alfa Laval to train your operators for optimum and reliable operations.


Monitor performance

Monitor the heat exchanger's performance and pressure drop proactively in order to better plan cleaning and maintenance. This will enable you to further improve the sustainability of the system. Alfa Laval can support you with a Performance Assessment that will determine the optimal cleaning intervals for your specific conditions.

Choose the optimum cleaning method

Use a cleaning method that is optimized according to the nature of your heat exchanger's duty. Alfa Laval's service experts can help you determine and implement the best practices for cleaning your unit. Ten top tips to keep your Compabloc in tip top condition.

Change gaskets after opening

Change the panel gaskets every time you open the panels. Alfa Laval recommends that you keep a set of genuine spares designed for your unit in stock, so you can always be ready for maintenance.

Grease the bolts

Always grease the bolts of the heat exchanger after performing maintenance so that the unit is ready for the next maintenance interval.

Flush and drain before long shutdowns

Flush and/or drain your Compabloc in the case of a long shutdown. Double-check the tightening torque of all panels bolts before re-starting operation.

Regular check-ups

Take advantage of any planned shutdown period to check the actual state of your Compabloc. This will help you avoid unplanned stops. With a Condition Audit service, our experts can do this for you on location.

The tips as a poster

Download our poster and follow our recommendation on how to keep your Compabloc heat exchanger in tip top condition.