Alfa Laval spare parts

When operating your Alfa Laval heat exchanger it’s important to use high-quality Alfa Laval spare parts. They ensure:

  • Pressure vessel code compliance
    A plate heat exchanger is a pressure vessel and using original manufacturer spare parts is often a pre-requisite for pressure vessel approvals/certificates to be valid.
  • Reduced risk of unplanned shutdown
    Only original manufacturer spare parts guarantee exact fitment, quality and reliability. Using them greatly reduces the likelihood of an unplanned shutdown due to part failure, avoiding costly process downtime and increased replacement and/or maintenance costs.
  • Maximize equipment life
    Alfa Laval gaskets have proven high quality and long lifetime. By using gaskets within specified dimensional and hardness tolerances, we also ensure that plates are not deformed, which causes premature replacement needs and high maintenance costs.

Asset management for gasketed plate heat exchangers

Spare parts