AlfaNova GL

AlfaNova GL50 is a high-efficiency heat exchanger for the most demanding gas-to-liquid applications. Featuring our patented AlfaFusion technology, the AlfaNova GL50 can increase efficiency and minimize energy loss in fuel cells and other systems. Highly robust and compact enough to hold in one hand, it does the job with very low pressure drop. Its ability to condense water vapor makes it ideal for use in systems where fuels such as ammonia or methanol require reforming.

AlfaNova GL50气液板式换热器

Developed for tomorrow’s challenges

  • An ultra-compact, asymmetric gas-to-liquid plate heat exchanger
  • 100% stainless steel, handling gas flows up to 250 m3/h and inlet gas temperatures up to 750°C
  • Ideal for fuel cell stacks, biogas post-treatment, electrolyzers, and chemical processes involving ammonia
  • Designed for optimal efficiency with minimized energy loss
  • A robust solution that offers exceptional performance with very low pressure drop

Reach the full potential of net-zero energy

A key application for AlfaNova GL50 is fuel cells that run on hydrogen or its derivatives, such as ammonia, methanol, or methane. This technology holds a high-impact potential for the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors. Carbon-neutral fuels from Power-to-X processes are fed to the fuel cells, where the X-to-Power conversion takes place. To get the most out of these fuels, energy loss must be minimized at every step, including heat exchange. The AlfaNova GL50 is a compact and competitive solution, helping fuel cell manufacturers reach the full system potential of their fuel cell stacks.

Adding a valuable piece to the energy puzzle

Tue Johannessen, Head of Fuel cells business development, outlines how innovative Alfa Laval heat exchanger technology can help get the most out of tomorrow’s energy sources.

How it works

Alfa Laval gas-to-liquid heat exchangers use thin, corrugated stainless steel plates to provide heat transfer from one medium to the other.

The arrangement of the channels formed between the plates ensures that media flow through alternate channels in a countercurrent pattern, which further optimizes the efficiency of the heat transfer. One channel is far larger than the other channel, enabling the unit to handle very large volumetric flow rates.

Please note that the animation shows a copper-brazed GL product. The functionality of AlfaNova GL is the same.

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