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AlfaNovaM Marine line plate heat exchangers feature both plates and bonding of 100% stainless steel. AlfaNovaM Marine line is delivered with marine classification.

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Intended for use as indirect cargo condensers and/or heaters aboard LPG/E carriers, they are also ideal for many other gas system duties as a result of their wide temperature range and copper-free construction.

Lighter and smaller than traditional shell-and-tube or welded condensers, AlfaNovaM Marine line models have a lower condensing pressure and increased condensing capacity, which means tangible energy savings and reduced turnaround time in port.

Their innovative stainless steel construction is adapted from the proven AlfaNova series, which combines brazing filler of stainless steel with Alfa Laval’s patented fusion technology, AlfaFusion™.

  • Ideal cargo condenser for indirect LPG reliquefaction systems
  • Fresh water or glycol solution as cooling medium
  • Suitability for all LPG media, including ammonia
  • Leakage protection – gas cannot enter the seawater loop
  • Same low weight and high efficiency as copper-brazed heat exchangers
  • Superior temperature range between -196°C and +550°C
  • Weight: 400 kg
  • Footprint: 0.5 m2



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