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Educational courses

The below collection of courses is designed to educate the user on all key aspects of designing, buying and owning an air cooled heat exchanger.

The courses have been grouped to gradually build the class attendee's understanding of air coolers. The 100 and 200 series courses will be available online. The 300 and 400 courses will be offered to registered users on a private education platform.

It is not advised to skip courses as the content in higher numbered classes assumes the viewer already understands the core teachings contained in the lower numbered classes.

In recognition of class attendees watching videos and passing the quizzes associated within each course series, attendees will be recognized by receiving certificates of completion and, in the near future, noted as technical resources for peers within our private education platform.

  • 100 series course - General overview of air cooled heat exchangers
  • 200 series course - Air cooled heat exchanger configurations and components
  • 300 series course - Designing and buying an air cooled heat exchanger
  • 400 series course - Owning and operating an air cooled heat exchanger

100 series course - General overview of air cooled heat exchangers

These fundamental classes are appropriate for any person, a designer, buyer or owner, just learning about air coolers.

The content contained within each class is considered foundational for higher courses.


Class Class topic Class details
100 What is an air heat exchanger (AHE) Learn the basics of the most prevalent yet most overlooked heat exchanger on Earth. Video duration is 3:49. 
101 AHE main components Learn the main components of an air cooled heat exchanger and what they do. Video duration is 6:12.
102 Heat transfer basics Learn the foundational formulas used to control air cooled heat exchanger design. Video duration is 8:58.
103 Wet bulb vs. dry bulb Learn the critical differences between wet and dry bulb and how the two temperatures affect air cooled heat exchanger design. Video duration is 7:40.
104 Air cooler models Learn the different configurations for typical air cooled heat exchanger designs and the specific industries and applications they serve. Video duration is 11:14.
105 AHE vs. other heat exchangers Learn how to select the appropriate heat exchanger solution for a given application. Video duration is 8:00.
106 Typical industries using AHE's Learn about key upstream, midstream and downstream industries using air heat exchangers.  Video duration is 6:34.
QUIZ 100 series class quiz

This quiz identifies whether or not the user understands the core fundamentals of air coolers.

Individuals who pass this quiz with a 75% or higher score will receive an Alfa Laval certificate stating they have completed the "General overview of air cooled heat exchangers" course, a course which equates to 1 hour of continuous education for Professional Engineer certification.

Stay tuned for the 200 series course!

Air cooled heat exchanger configurations and components

This series of classes are designed for persons familiar with what an air cooler does and why it's used, but not familiar with issues associated with environmental or process challenges. Coming in 2021:

  • Industry design practices
  • Structure - Controlling the air's pathways
  • Airflow - How do you move the air?
  • Headers - What controls the process fluid's flow?
  • Header nozzles - The gateways to the bundle
  • Headers and how they interact with the air
  • Surface area and finned tubes




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If you want to hone your skills even more, we have additional, higher level courses available for you. Apply here, and following a short approval process you could get access to the courses as well as to our online rating program.

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