Free Rotating Retractor UltraPure

When high-purity pharmaceutical processing is a must, select the Alfa Laval Free Rotating Retractor UltraPure. This wall-mounted cleaning device lets manufacturers spend less time cleaning and more time producing. Lift uptime and productivity with cleaner ducts and tanks, especially in those hard-to-reach shadow areas. This dynamic, resource-efficient, retractable CIP device removes contaminants from the interior surfaces of processing vessels while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Retractable cip nozzle

Secure high-purity product quality with 100% cleaning coverage of ducts, tanks and other pharmaceutical processing vessels

  • Up to 35% savings in time, water and cleaning media compared to static spray ball systems
  • Reduce total cost of ownership due to minimal cost and effort to install, operate and maintain the retractor
  • Lift uptime and productivity with faster and more resource-efficient CIP cycles
  • Electropolished with the product contact surface roughness of less than 0.38 Ra
  • Automated control when paired with an Alfa Laval Think Top valve sensing and control unit

Trust the Alfa Laval Free Rotating Retractor UltraPure for the highest levels of hygiene for high-purity products. Precision-engineered, this retractable cleaning-in-place device secures processing that is free from contaminants.

The Free Rotating Retractor UltraPure comes with the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package, ensuring full traceability over the entire supply chain.

Faster, safer, contaminant-free changeovers are now possible, boosting batch or continuous process productivity in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Higher productivity contributes to faster return on investment while lowering the total cost of ownership.

The product contact materials are food-compliant (FDA, EU and China regulations) and pharmaceutical-compliant (USP 87 and 88 Class VI or ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-6, -10, -11). Plus, 3.1 certificates for metal parts are included in the Q-doc.

Système NEP 100% de couverture

How it works

The Alfa Laval Free Rotating Retractor UltraPure functions as a pneumatically opened and spring-closed seat valve to clean the interior surfaces of tanks and ducts used in hygienic processes. In the closed position, the installation forms a flush design with the vessel wall, while the spray head is not exposed to the product zone. The spray head rotates between the two hydro bearings due to the reaction forces of the cleaning media expelled from the orifices. The spray head expels cleaning media in a swirling 310°-up spray pattern throughout the compartment, generating complete coverage through a vibrating impact and cascading flow.

The actuator can remain extended during a draining or purging phase. The device is completely self-cleaning except for the product-facing part of the plug. This surface is normally cleaned by pairing it with another tank cleaning device. When properly installed the device is self-draining.

NEP conduits hygiéniques alimentaires

How clean are your ducts?


Want to discover how the Alfa Laval Free Rotating Retractor can improve cleaning in your hygienic process lines?

Learn why it is a truly resource-efficient solution.



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Free rotating retractor brochure retractable spray nozzle

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