MX mixer

Alfa Laval MX mixers are specially designed to meet the specific mixing requirements of the fats and oils industry. MX mixers are ideal for important process stages such as degumming, acid conditioning and neutralization.

MX Mixers


  • Suitable for use in a wide variety of mixing activities, including operating under more delicate mixing conditions
  • Mixing can be done as flexibly as possible, and is easy to optimize.
  • Added advantage of preventing emulsions from forming.
Alfa Laval MX mixers are available in four sizes. Depending on the capacity required and the duties involved, each size has specific top and bottom volumes. The type and size of the rotors also vary according to the specific capacity and the task for which they are required. All MX mixers are made of acid-proof steel and have single mechanical seals. The special oiler provided is fitted with protection against dry running, and a bottom bearing can be replaced from the outside without having to remove the agitator. Fixed-speed operation is standard, but variable speed operation is available as an option, and is recommended for further optimization of performance and flexibility.

How it works

The unique twin-inlet, double-chamber MicroMerge™ design improves both operating efficiency and economics. MicroMerge makes it possible to combine high-intensity dispersion (in the upper chamber) with a preset contact time (in the lower chamber).

With two separate inlets – one at the top and one at the bottom – it is possible to feed oil directly into the dispersion section, and then gradually into the mixing section, as required.

The majority of the dispersion takes place in the top part of the mixer. Dispersion requires power and the greater the diameter of the vessel the more power is required. An upper part with a smaller diameter is therefore advantageous. In the bottom part of the mixer, highly turbulent, low-shear mixing is used to bring the dispersed chemicals into contact with all the oil being treated, in a volume large enough to provide sufficient contact time.



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