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Efficient mixing of powder and liquids

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Vortex Shear mixer - Gets the job done! 

A Vortex Shear-Mixer provides efficient, rapid slurry mixing in demanding applications without plugging. The Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer has proven results mixing different powders and liquids for over 25 years. Use of this technology prevents clumps, fish-eyes and microgels, reducing operating costs associated with sourcing raw materials in liquid form. And you can mix all liquids on site, shortening the production cycle and obtaining full control.

The Shear-Mixer relies on strong vacuum and dynamic shear generated by its unique Lobestar® Mixing Nozzle to mix additives quickly and thoroughly into fluids. The combination of the Shear-Mixer’s high additive loading rate and its dynamic shearing capability, places its performance on a level above that of traditional venturi eductors. It is simple to maintain and fit in to several different applications.



Common applications

Alfa Laval Vortex products are simple, low maintenance solutions based on Venturi technology. They are used for the mixing of liquids and solids in a wide range of industrial processing applications. The most common applications include, drilling fluid mixing for oil & gas and mining, chemical production, paint pigment mixing, chemigation and fertigation in agriculture, and construction material production.

Vortex products are suitable for a wide range of  applications, for example liquid sugar mixing, brine mixing, cosmetics, metal processing, plastic production, and other slurry mixing applications. Slurry additives commonly mixed with Vortex products include substances such as alumina, barite, bentonite, calcium carbonate, CMC polymer, flavours, flocculants, guar gum, lime, polymers, soda ash, and many others. We have great experience from many applications. Please contact us to know more about our mixing equipment. 


Chemicals and Allied Products

The Vortex Shear-Mixer is well suited for the mixing of additive slurries in the production of inks, paints and coatings, and plastics among others. They are also effective in chemigation and fertigation in agricultural and farming applications.

  • Dissolve Solids Rapidly
  • Reduce costs associated with sourcing raw materials in liquid form
  • Elimination of fish eyes
  • Reduce cycle time in large capacity mixer through better solids dispersion

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Construction drilling


Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixers and Vortex Radial Eductors make the process of mixing and treating drilling mud exceptionally efficient, and help you get the most out of your drilling mud additives with little waste or downtime.


  • Dynamically shears induced additives into slurry
  • Elimination of fish eyes
  • Reduce costs associated with sourcing raw materials in liquid form

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Oil and gas


Alfa Laval’s solutions for solids control, drilling mud conditioning, and drilling mud mixing help minimize the costs of operation through proper management of drilling mud and slurries and enhance your ability to compete effectively and safely.


  • Proven for caustic mud additives
  • Dynamic fluid shear mixer and agitation
  • Increase fluid movement in mud pits
  • Reduces waste, mixing time and cost

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How Alfa Laval  Vortex Products make a difference

Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixers and Radial Eductors are trusted solutions for liquid-solid mixing. They can be equally applied in both harsh processes, such as drilling-mud mixing or preparation of blasting grit slurries for steel processing, and milder applications such as mixing sugar solutions for candy making. Our expertise in Venturi technology and proprietary nozzle design ensure reliable, effective, plug-resistant performance, plus rapid chemical addition rates; saving you time and ensuring you to get the most from your slurry additives.

How a Vortex Shear-Mixer work 

The Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer is a high-performance Venturi eductor designed for demanding slurry mixing applications. With unique features that make a significant difference, the Shear-mixer efficiently handles high rate mixing of solids and liquids.

Operating the Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer - Instruction manual

Watch a step-by-step instruction video. Just hours after receiving your Alfa Laval Vortex Shear-Mixer you can be up and running. It is easy to maintain and service your unit, just order the service kits, and follow the instructional videos provided. If you prefer, we offer installation service as well.

What features makes the difference? 



Swirling mixing effect reduces clumps

Vortex action washes down and pre-mixes product.



Minimized air entrainment

Vortex action creates a liquid buffer, inhibiting air entrainment.



Maximized mixture and flow-through rates

Open mixing chamber significantly reduces clogging.



Accelerated mixing with dynamic shearing

Unique nozzle design creates high vacuum, dynamic shearing and reduces plugging.


Do you have any questions? Contact us today 

Alfa Laval have a wide range of products within several industries, applications and regions. Please, contact us if you have any questions.

Here are some of the applications where a Vortex Shear Mixer adds great value:

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Tunnel Boring
  • Drilling and Mining
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Inks, Paints, Coatings
  • Plastics, composites, foams, polymer additives, epoxies
  • Batteries
  • Ceramics
  • Composites
  • Glass and Metals
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies