Hygienic BS 4825, Part 1 fittings

Alfa Laval Hygienic BS 4825 tubes and fittings provide high cleanliness standards when product integrity, quality and safety are critical to your processing systems. Smooth, crevice-free and corrosion-resistant, these British Standard 4825-compliant connections have internal surface finishes with a roughness average (Ra) between ≤ 0.8 - 1.6 μm. Readily available and easy to install and clean, they are suitable for applications across a broad range of industries requiring a high hygiene level.

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BS 4825 tubes and fittings connects high-quality hygienic systems

  • Compliance with stringent hygiene standards with internal surface finishes that have roughness averages (Ra) between ≤ 0.8 - 1.6 μm
  • Easy-to-install hygienic connections that reduce contamination risks and enhance product integrity
  • Low maintenance due to smooth surface finish, minimal crevices and reduced contamination risks
  • Worldwide availability with short delivery times
  • Global expertise with local service network

Connect your hygienic processing systems with contaminant-free Alfa Laval Hygienic BS 4825 tubes and fittings. These British Standard 4825-compliant components meet your dimension, tolerance, surface finish and material requirements wherever high cleanliness levels and uptime are critical. Standardization makes seamless integration easy, cutting installation time and costs and safeguarding process and product quality, safety and performance.

Precision-engineered, these AISI 304L or AISI 316L stainless steel components are durable, corrosion-resistant and easy to weld with tight tolerances and internal surface finishes with roughness averages (Ra) between ≤ 0.8 - 1.6 μm. They are widely used in the dairy, food, beverage, biotech, pharmaceuticals and other industries requiring high levels of hygiene.

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Did you know that tubes and fittings make up 90% of the fluid’s surface contact throughout the process flow?


Watch the animation and learn how tubes and fittings are the vital backbone of any process line.

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Tubes and fittings – The vital backbone of hygienic processes

The importance of tubes and fittings in hygienic production cannot be overstated. Connecting all processing equipment, they safeguard the reliability, efficiency, safety and sustainability of the process flow.


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Superior safety

Designed for unique cleanability and full traceability to safeguard the integrity of processes and products.

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Unmatched reliability

Exceptional quality, durability, and longevity to ensure high uptime and productivity.


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Optimum efficiency

Engineered for seamless flow and easy cleaning, assuring optimized processes and increased yield.

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Sustainability at heart

Manufactured and delivered with sustainability in mind, reducing the carbon footprint and meeting sustainability targets.


The wide range of tubes and fittings at Alfa Laval

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Alfa Laval's hygienic tubes, compliant with standards DIN, EN, ISO, and ASME BPE, are the backbone in process lines for various industries. We offer world-wide supply of tubes designed to maintain flow pressure, CIP, integrating seamlessly with other fittings.

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Hygienic bends, compliant with standards DIN, EN, ISO, BS, 3A and ASME BPE, control flow direction, minimize resistance and turbulence, and maintain pressure during directional changes. Designed for cleaning in place (CIP), they're easily integrated with other fittings and components in the process line. 



Alfa Laval supplies hygienic tees compliant with DIN, EN, ISO, BS, 3A and ASME BPE standards. These tees offer a smooth finish for optimal cleaning, preventing microbial contamination. Seamless connections eliminate threads. 



Alfa Laval supplies hygienic tees compliant with DIN, EN, ISO, BS, 3A and ASME BPE standards. These tees offer a smooth finish for optimal cleaning, preventing microbial contamination. Seamless connections eliminate threads. 



Alfa Laval supplies hygienic connections, designed to meet all major standards including DIN, EN, ISO, BS, 3A and ASME BPE. Each connection comprises a liner, male part, nut, and gasket. Our connections utilize stainless steel, especially types 304L and 316L. Accompanied by hygienic gaskets, Alfa Laval's connections resist cleaning agents and high temperatures. 


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Alfa Laval provides hygienic clamps meeting DIN, EN, 3A and ASME BPE standards. These stainless steel clamps offer easy assembly/disassembly for quick maintenance, cleaning in place (CIP), and ensure durability.  



Alfa Laval provides hygienic flanges that meet standards DIN, EN and , ISO. Crafted from stainless steel 316L, these flanges are non-reactive, non-corrosive, and resist fluid degradation. Compatibility with Clean-in-Place (CIP) processes. 

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Alfa Laval supplies hygienic ferrules including clamps and gaskets compliant with DIN, EN, ISO, BS, 3A and ASME BPE standards. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel like 304L and 316L, these ferrules boast a smooth interior finish, minimizing microbial growth. 

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End caps

Alfa Laval supplies hygienic end caps conforming to standards DIN, EN, ISO, BS, 3A and ASME BPE. Made of non-reactive, non-corrosive stainless steel 304L and 316L, they have a smooth interior, avoiding microbial build-up and supporting Cleaning-in-Place (CIP). Alfa Laval ensures quality, offering digital certifications. 



Our gaskets primary function is to provide an effective seal even under varying temperature and pressure conditions. Alfa Laval supply gaskets within the following materials – all in conformity with FDA: EPDM rubber (Ethylene Propylene), Actylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), Silicone rubber (Q), Fluorine rubber (FPM/FKM), Hydrogenated actylonitrileButadiene rubber (HNBR) and Perfluoroalkoxy polymer (PFA). 


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Pipe holders

Alfa Laval offers pipe holders in grade 1.4301 (304) for its corrosion resistance and sanitary properties. Available with varying shaft lengths and welding attachments, they match our tube and fitting dimensions. Our pipe holders withstand varying pressures, temperatures, and mitigate cross-contamination in multi-product facilities. They also effectively dampen vibrations, ensuring system integrity. 


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Tools for tubing

Alfa Laval offers all essential tools for tubing and fittings. 

Our product range includes spanners for DIN EN 10357 and ISO, spanners for SMS, spanners for IDF round nuts, spanners for hexagon nuts, universal spanners for round nuts and spanners for RJT (BS) hexagon nuts. It also includes cuttings device for DIN EN 10357 and cutting device for ISO.