Liquid desiccant systems applications

Complete humidity control within a variety of markets and applications

Alfa Laval Kathabar dehumidification systems perform in varied applications spanning wide ranges of capabilities within numerous markets.  

Alfa Laval Kathabar liquid desiccant dehumidification systems operate on the principle of chemical absorption of water vapor from air. The absorbent solution, Kathene®, is a desiccant solution composed of lithium chloride salt and water. Kathene is non-toxic, will not vaporize, and is not degraded by common airborne contaminants.  

For more detailed information on liquid desiccant applications, please visit our Liquid desiccant applications page.

Benefits of liquid desiccant technology

  • Simultaneous dehumidification and direct air cooling - Simple design provides high energy efficiency.
  • Microbiological decontamination - Effective biocide captures and neutralizes airborne pathogens.
  • Performance reliability - Non-vaporizing desiccant has infinite life.
  • Energy savings - 100% modulation capacity - Less energy required to operate than dry desiccant or mechanical refrigeration systems.  Able to use non-prime utilities (i.e., cooling tower water and waste heat).
  • Precise humidity control (+/-1%RH) - Fully adjustable humidity level based on liquid desiccant concentration and temperature.
  • Frost-free cooling - Temperatures as low as –60°F with no coil to freeze up or defrost.
  • FRP (Fiberglass) non-metallic industrial construction - Long equipment life, reliability and reduced maintenance.
  • Design flexibility - Use of hot water or low pressure steam for regeneration (including waste heat). Multiple conditioners with a single centralized regenerator. Vertical and horizontal airflow orientations available.