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Your solution for sustainability: Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers

Boosting your operational sustainability is about more than just a positive impact on the environment. It’s also critical for ensuring your company’s profitable growth. By improving heat recovery, you can save money by reducing fuel costs, save on electricity in the operation of your chiller and pumps, and create significant further savings on maintenance – all while reducing your CO2 emissions. An Alfa Laval gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers is your sustainability solution for making it happen.

All around the globe, Alfa Laval and our partners can help you reach your sustainability targets. Contact our experts today for a free ROI calculation.

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The need for increased sustainability

Like never before, today’s plant managers face challenges to find new ways of contributing to the overall sustainability of a business. In everyday HVAC and manufacturing applications, major equipment consumes high amounts of energy, both directly and indirectly from the burning of carbon fuels. As related energy costs continue to rise, so do expenditures, creating a need to save with improved sustainability. Such savings can be found in the operation and maintenance of equipment such as open cooling towers, hot water and steam boilers, chillers, air compressors, cogeneration (CHP) equipment, and much more.

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Big savings and a short ROI

Alfa Laval opens the door for savings in a wide range of applications, ensuring you can count on a short payback period for your sustainability investment. Here are some inspiring examples:

  • €90,000 per year savings in electricity and maintenance costs by using a gasketed plate heat exchanger to protect the condenser of a 2,000 kW chiller
  • €30,900 in annual savings of fuel costs with heat recovery from a 90 kW air compressor
  • €14,651 per month saved in fuel costs, recovering 800 kW heat from industrial wastewater

Three big ways sustainability means savings:

  • Savings in electricity costs
  • Savings in fuel costs thanks to heat recovery for hot water production
  • Savings due to improved efficiency and higher uptime

Want to see the difference our technology can make for your application? Contact us today for a free ROI calculation and start saving with sustainability.

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Alfa Laval sustainably generated hot water

Uses for sustainably generated hot water

Hot water generated from recovered heat has many uses in everyday HVAC and manufacturing applications. Here are some examples:

  • Preheating hot water boiler feed
  • Cleaning
  • Bathing and showers
  • Heating offices or production facilities
  • Use in production processes
  • Supplying a district heating network