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Alfa Laval joins the IEA (International Energy Agency) conference to discuss energy efficiency

Alfa Laval joined the International Energy Agency’s annual global conference on energy efficiency on 7-9 June 2022. During the conference, which was hosted in Sønderborg, Denmark, Alfa Laval CEO and President Tom Erixon was one of the participants along with international politicians and other business leaders discussing how to increase global energy efficiency, which is one of the pillars of the Paris Agreement.

The IEA’s annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency brings together decision-makers from government, industry, and broader society to explore how international ambitions on energy efficiency can be translated into faster and stronger real-world progress. The focus has been on implementation over the next 5-10 years, and how to achieve the gains that are needed on the global path to net zero.

Energy efficiency is a key part of the Paris Agreement and could deliver more than 40 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions savings over the next 20 years, with 50 percent of those savings coming from industry. Efficiency can either be achieved by implementing innovative technologies that reduce energy consumption compared with traditional solutions or by adding technology to existing processes that captures and reuses waste heat for other purposes. Alfa Laval has solutions for both energy savings and reuse.


“Energy efficiency is a key enabler for decarbonization with a remaining untapped potential, across sectors. We need to accelerate the implementation of these solutions to be on track for a Net Zero 2050. The industry needs to take the lead, setting ambitious targets, but also to foster collaboration and partnerships. During the conference we have had very constructive and promising discussions on how to take energy efficiency to the next level, from talk to action,” says Tom Erixon, President and CEO of Alfa Laval.


Did you know… Every year, Alfa Laval heat exchangers installed in energy efficiency applications enable a reduced capacity need of 50GW! That is equivalent to the energy needed to heat up 10 million homes in Europe.


This is Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling, and is active in the areas of Energy, Marine, and Food & Water, offering its expertise, products, and service to a wide range of industries in some 100 countries. The company is committed to optimizing processes, creating responsible growth, and driving progress to support customers in achieving their business goals and sustainability targets.

Alfa Laval’s innovative technologies are dedicated to purifying, refining, and reusing materials, promoting more responsible use of natural resources. They contribute to improved energy efficiency and heat recovery, better water treatment, and reduced emissions. Thereby, Alfa Laval is not only accelerating success for its customers, but also for people and the planet. Making the world better, every day.

Alfa Laval has 17,900 employees. Annual sales in 2021 were SEK 40.9 billion (approx. EUR 4 billion). The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.



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Alfa Laval was the first company to join the Energy Efficiency Movement, an initiative started by ABB, at the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, COP26. 

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