2020-04-23 Financial news

Report from the AGM of Alfa Laval AB

The Annual General Meeting of Alfa Laval AB was held today, April 23[rd], at Scandic Star in Lund, Sweden.  The number of participants were very few due to the restrictions made to reduce the risk of spreading the Corona virus.

This is an unofficial translation of the Swedish report. In case of any discrepancies between the Swedish report and this English translation, the Swedish version shall prevail.                                                  

The resigning chairman Anders Narvinger attended the meeting over the phone due to that he belongs to the risk category, therefore the meeting was led by attorney Erik Sjöman. The rest of the board members were also attending over the phone. In a pre-recorded speech Tom Erixon, Alfa Laval’s President and CEO, talked about Alfa Laval’s progress and key activities 2019 and forward.

(The film is available on https://www.alfalaval.com/investors/ and as material related to the press release.)

The income statements and balance sheets were adopted, and with the Board’s proposal to withdraw the dividend for 2019 was approved. The AGM also approved the discharge from liability for the Board of Directors and the Managing Director.

It was resolved that the number of members of the Board of Directors shall be eight, with no deputies. As Board members Finn Rausing, Jörn Rausing, Ulf Wiinberg, Henrik Lange, Heléne Mellquist and Maria Moræus Hanssen were re-elected. The nominating committee’s proposal to newly elect Dennis Jönsson and Ray Mauritsson as members of the board was also approved. Dennis Jönsson was appointed Chairman of the Board. (A short film with Dennis Jönsson’s presentation is available on https://www.alfalaval.com/investors/ and as related to the press release.)

Anders Narvinger retired after 17 years as Chairman of the Board and Anna Ohlsson-Leijon declined re-election.

Furthermore, the AGM approved the proposal to re-elect the authorized public accountants Staffan Landén and Karoline Tedevall, as deputy auditors, to re-elect Henrik Jonzén and newly elect Andreas Mast.

The AGM approved the Nominating Committee’s proposal, that the Board of Directors compensation will be same as last year. It was also decided that compensation to auditors shall be paid as per approved invoice.

Furthermore, the AGM adopted a resolution on the guidelines for compensation to senior management, including fixed compensation as well as long and short-term variable compensation, pension benefits, non-monetary benefits and dismissal and severance pay.

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Lund, April 23, 2020

Alfa Laval AB (publ.)

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