2024-03-21 Product news

Unlocking Canada's Potential: The Path to a $25 Billion Plant-Based Protein Industry

The Smart Prosperity Institute underscores the potential for a $25 billion plant-based protein (PBP) industry with the government and educational institutions collaborating to address key challenges.

With Saskatchewan and Manitoba's strong track record in PBP crop cultivation, new contributions to this emerging sector could significantly boost Canada's GDP over the next decade. Highlighting labour shortages, evolving skill needs, and social infrastructure deficiencies as major hurdles, the Institute proposed 13 priority recommendations, including sector-specific work permits, improved immigration pathways, infrastructure development, and expanded educational programs. 


Emphasizing the importance of investing in PBP for economic growth and rural community sustainability, stakeholders are urged to prioritize workforce development to ensure a prosperous and inclusive future for the Prairies.


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Smart Prosperity Institute research finds that collaboration is needed to capture plant-based protein potential

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