2024-05-30 Product news

Sanofi Canada to invest $180M to update manufacturing infrastructure and reduce emissions

Sanofi, a leading global healthcare company, has committed $180 million to enhance its Toronto Campus infrastructure, aiming to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

This investment, slated to achieve a 30% decrease in carbon emissions and a 20% reduction in water usage by 2025, underscores Sanofi's dedication to sustainability. 


Matthieu Puyet, Manufacturing and Supply Canada Head and Toronto Site Head, Sanofi, said “As one of Canada’s 2024 Top 100 Greenest Employers, it gives me great pride to see the lasting and sustainable impact we are making at the Toronto Campus and for our community. The Energy Project represents a significant way we are improving people’s lives beyond our innovations in healthcare.”


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Sanofi Canada to invest 180M to update infrastructure and reduce emissions across its mfg operations

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