2024-05-15 Product news

Labatt employees find new ways to reach green goals

Eager to accelerate meaningful change, the team at Labatt Breweries in Montreal embarked on an innovative path to support the company’s sustainability goals.

By leveraging renewable electricity, a unified drive was sparked within the team and across departments, propelling the brewery towards the audacious goal of becoming North America's inaugural carbon-neutral brewery.

“Labatt has been committed to sustainability for more than 40 years,” says Sarah Genetti, senior director, procurement and sustainability. “It’s at the core of what we do. We rely on front-line employees to come forward with ideas to improve efficiencies, and we support them to find ways to make them happen.”


To learn more about Labatt’s sustainability efforts and strategy for recycling waste energy, click here


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Labatt employees find new ways to reach green goals

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