2024-06-25 Product news

Deloitte’s Transportation Summit - Canada needs a low-carbon, sustainable transportation system

On May 22, Deloitte hosted their second annual Transportation Summit: Connecting with Purpose.

Here, they imparted on the Canadian government, and corporate sector, the importance of collaboration on building a resilient and sustainable transportation ecosystem. This, they identified, is one of the keys to enhancing overall economic prosperity. 


"Modernizing legacy infrastructure - whether we're talking about building more climate-resilient infrastructure or whether we're talking about decarbonizing infrastructure as a whole and specifically transport infrastructure - this requires collaboration between government policy makers and the business and investment communities," said Andrew Pau, transport sector leader for Deloitte Canada.


To learn more about the critical talking points from the Transportation Summit, and Deloitte's plan for furthering sustainable development, read the full article here


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Canada needs low-carbon sustainable transportation system

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