2024-01-31 Product news

CSL announces milestone in decarbonizing the maritime industry through biofuels

CSL Group has reached a major milestone in decarbonizing its maritime operations by successfully running its ships on B100 biofuel.

This achievement resulted in an 80 to 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, replacing 55,000 metric tonnes of fossil fuel with biodiesel, and setting a new consumption record of 16,400 metric tonnes of B100 biodiesel in a single season. 


“Unlike other shipping companies that are just getting started with their biofuel initiatives, we have moved past the testing phase and are running biodiesel as part of our business – just one of the many ways we are reducing carbon in our operations,” said Louis Martel, CSL President and CEO.


Additionally, CSL aims to expand the biofuel program to their entire Great Lakes fleet by 2024 while emphasizing the importance of government support for affordable biofuel adoption in the industry.


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